Book: Resonate Electrical Power System

Resonate Electrical Power System Don L. Smith

Potential Energy is everywhere at all times, becoming useful when converted into a more practical form. There is no energy shortage, only gray matter. This energy potential is observed indirectly through the manifestation of electromagnetic phenomenon, when intercepted and converted, becomes useful. In nonlinear systems, interaction of magnetic waves amplify (conjugate) energy, providing greater output than input. In simple form, in the piano where three strings are struck by the hammer, the center one is impacted and resonance activates the side strings. Resonance between the three strings provide a sound level greater than the input energy. Sound is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is subject to all that is applicable.

Useful Energy is Defined as that which is other than Ambient. Electrical Potential relates to mass and it's acceleration. Therefore, the Earth's Mass and Speed through space gives it an enormous electrical potential. Humans are like the bird sitting unaware on a high voltage line. In nature turbulence upsets ambient a$d we see electrical displays. Tampering with ambient allows humans to convert magnetic waves into useful electricity.

Putting the above in focus requires a look at the Earth in general. Each minute of each day ( 1,440 minutes) more than 4,000 displays of lightening occurs. Each display yields greater than 10 million volts at greater than 200,000 amperes in equivalent electromagnetic flux. This exceeds 57,600,000 million volts and 1,152,000 million amperes of electromagnetic flux each 24 hour period. This has been going on for more then 4 Billion Years. The USPTO insist that the Earth's electrical field is insignificant and useless, and that converting this energy violates the laws of nature. At the same time they issue patents wherein electromagnetic flux incoming from die Sun is converted by Solar Cells to DC Energy. This is further converted to the required usage. Aeromagnetic flux (in gammas ) Maps-World Wide, includes those provided by the US Department of Interior-Geological Survey, clearly shows a spread of 1,900 gamma, above Ambient present, reading instruments flown 1,000 feet above the ( surface) source. Coulomb's Law requires the squaring of the distance of the remote reading, times the reading for the corrected amount. Therefore, 1,000 X 1,000 equals One Million X 1,900 gamma, being 1,900 million gammas.

There is a tendency to confuse gamma ray with gamma. Gamma is ordinary every day magnetic flux. Gamma Ray is high impact energy, not flux.

One gamma of magnetic flux is equal to that of 100 Volts RMS. To see this take a Plasma Globe emitting 40,000 volts. A gamma meter when properly used will read nearby, 400 gammas The 1,900 million gamma previously mentioned then becomes the magnetic ambient equivalent of 190,000 million volts of electricity. This is on a Solar Quite day. On Solar Active days it may exceed five times that amount. The Establishment's idea that the Earth's electrical field is insignificant goes the way of then-other great ideas.

There are two kinds of Electricity, potential and useful, until converted all electricity is potential. Resonate-fluxing of electrons activates potential, which is present everywhere. The Intensity/CPS of the resonate-ffequency-flux rate, sets the available energy. This must then be converted into the required physical dimensions of the equipment in service. For example, energy arriving from the Sun is magnetic flux, which Solar Cells convert to DC Electricity, being further converted to required usage. Only the magnetic flux moves from* point "A" ( Sun ) to point "B" Earth. All electrical Power Systems work exactly the same. Movement of Coils and Magnets at point "A” (generator) fluxes electrons, which in turn excites electrons at point "B" your house. None of the electrons at point "A" are ever transmitted to point "B". The electrons in both cases remain forever in tact for further fluxing. The above is allowed by Newtonian Physics ( electrodynamics and the laws of conservation). Clearly these laws are all screwed up and inadequate.

In modem physics, USPTO Style, all the aforementioned can not exist since it opens a door to overunity. The Good News is that the PTO has already issued hundreds of Patents related to Light Amplification, all of which are overunity. The Dynode used to adjust the self powered shutter in your camera receives magnetic flux from light which dislodges electrons from the cathode, reflecting electrons through the dynode bridge to the anode, resulting in billions of more electrons out than in. There are currently 297 direct patents issued for this system and thousands of peripheral patents, all supporting overunity. More than one thousand other Patents which have been issued, to the discerning eye are ovenmity devices.

What does the indicate about Intellectual Honesty?

Any coil system when fluxed causes electrons to spin and produce useful energy, once converted to the style required. Now that we have qualified the method required, let us see how this concerns us ?

The entire System already exist and all we need to do is hook it up in a way, that it is useful in the required manor. Let us start backwards, with a conventional output transformer. Select one with the desired physical characteristics, being also an isolation type. Only the magnetic flux passes from die input side to the output side. No electrons pass through from the input to the output side. Therefore, we only need to flux the transformer to have output. Bad design by the establishment, allowing hysteresis of the metal plates, limit's the load which can be applied. Up to this point only potential is a consideration. Heat ( energy loss) limits the output/ amperage. Correctly designed composite cores run cool, not hot.

A power correction factor system , being a capacitor bank maintains an even flow of flux. These same capacitors, when inserted with a coil system (transformer) become a frequency-timing system, therefor the inductance of the input side of the transformer, when combined with the capacitor bank, provides the required fluxing in activating the proper style of electrical energy (cycles per second).

With the down stream system in place, all that is now needed is a potential system. Any flux system will be OK. Preferably any amplification over-unity output type is desirable. The input system is point "A" and the output system is point "B". Any input system wherein a lessor amount of electrons disturbs a larger amount of electrons, resulting in the output being greater than the input is desirable.

At this point it is necessary to defecate in the punch bowel by substituting updated information relating to electrons, and laws of physics. A large part of this is original, from me, so don't expect peer review to be kind, rats will play.

Non-Ionic Electrons

As a source of Electrical Energy, non-ionic electron doublets exist in immense quantities throughout the universe. Their origin is from the emanation of Solar Plasma. When (spun or pushed apart) ambient is disturbed, they yield magnetic and electrical energy. The rate of disturbance (cycling) determines the energy level achieved. Practical methods of disturbing them includes, moving cods past magnets, or vice versa. A better way is the pulsing (resonate induction) with magnetic fields and waves near coils.

In coils systems, magnetic and amperage are one package. This suggest, that electrons in a natural non-ionic state exist as doublets. When pushed apart by agitation one spins right ( yielding Volts-potential) electricity and the other spins leftt (yielding Amperage-magnetic) energy. One being more negative than the other. This further suggest that when they reunite, we have (Volts X Amperes = Watts) useful electrical energy. The above idea, until now, has been totally absent from the knowledge base. Amperage as previously defined is then flawed.

Electron Related Energy

Energy Available Method of Storage Common Unit Units of Measure Electrical Capacitor/Coulombs Volts Flux Units Spin / Gravity Momentum Torque Ergs

Magnetic Coils/Amp. turns Amperes Flux Units


Resonate Electrical Power System

Teslas, Gauss, Gammas, Oesteds

Light Laser Lux, Photons/Gamma Rays

Impact / resistance

Heat Various Fahrenheit/Celsius Temp

Left hand spin of Electrons results in Electrical Energy and right hand spin results in Magnetic Energy. Impacted Electrons emit visible Light and heat.

Useful Circuits. Suggestions for Building an Operational Unit

1. Substitute a Plasma Globe such as Radio Shack's Illumna-Storm for the Source-resonate induction system. It will have about 400 milhgauss of magnetic induction. One milhgauss is equal to 100 volts worth of magnetic induction.

2. Construct a coil using a 5-7" diameter, piece of PVC for the core winding.

3. Get about 30 feet of Jumbo-Speaker Cable and separate into two pieces. A carpet knife stuck in a piece of card board or wood and pull carefully the cable past the blade.

4. Wind the Coil with 10-15 turns and leave about three feet of tail at each end. Use glue gun with a drop to hold start and finish of the winding.

5. This will become the L-2 as shown in the Circuits page.

6. When sitting on the top of the Plasma Globe ( Crown - Like), you have a first class resonate air core coil system.

7. Now substitute 2 or more 5,000 plus voltage capacitors for the capacitor Bank shown on the circuits page. I use 2 plus,

34 microfarad capacitors.

8. Finish out the circuit as shown, upper left hand comer of the accompanying Useful Circuits page. You are now in business !

9. Voltage - Amperage Limiting resistors are required across the output side of the Load transformer used for adjusting out put level and the desired cycles per second.

15 0/V o-0t>^'Ot±-A

S£ e fiObK** I He [к/ve^r/o^s a^o w^n/vs Mk&cj

Useful Circuits from Nikola Tesla

Resonate Electrical Power System

Isolation Transformer л Tesla Cwl System Л 'Ж Л ) 4 C-

Resonate Electrical Power System
Resonate Electrical Power System
Spark GapCapacitor Bank

Tunable Coil System Insertable Movable L-l

Resonate Electrical Power System

Coil System having desired Amperage Output

Resonate Electrical Power System


Obtain copy of "Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas", Published by Sam's, ISBN 0-672-22469-0, also an LCR meter is required. Chapter One in the Book has important time constant ( frequency) information and a set of reactance charts in nomograph style which makes working, and approximating of the required three variables, capacitance, inductance and resistance, much easier. If two of the variables are known, the required missing one is obtained from the nomograph.

For example the input side of the isolation transformer needs to operate at 60 CPS. that's 60 up and 60 down, being 120 cycles. Obtain the Inductance in henries with the LCR meter from the input side of the isolation transformer. Plot this value on the proper reactance chart above mentioned. Plot the needed 120 Hertz and put a straight line between the two known points.. Where the line crosses the Farads line and the Ohms line yields two readings. Chose one (resistor) and insert between the two leads of the input side transformer winding.

The Power Correction Factor Capacitor (or Bank/more than one), now needs adjusting. The following formula is helpful in obtaining the required missing information. The capacitance is known, as is the desired potential to pulse the output transformer. One Farad of capacitance is one volt for one second (one Coulomb). Therefore if we want to keep the bucket full with a certain amount, how many dippers full are required? Should the bucket require 120 volts, how many coulombs are required..

Desired Potential In Volts

—-------________-------____-----— = Required CPS

Capacitance in Microfarads

Say 120 Volts Potential

-------_______------------_________ = Yields 30,000 CPS

Say .004.000 ( 4,000 Microfarads )

Now go to the Reactance Chart above mentioned and obtain the required resistor jumper to place between the poles of the correction factor capacitor.

Ail earth grounding is desirable as a voltage limiter and transient spike control. Two are necessary, one at the power factor capacitor and one at the input side of the isolation transformer. Off die shelf surge arresters/ spark gaps and varistors, having the desired voltage/potential and amperage control are commonly available. Siemans, Gitel America and others, make a full range of surge arrestors, etc. varesistors resemble in appearance, the coin sized flat capacitors. Voltage Limiters are herein combined as V-l.

It should be obvious that several separate closed circuits are present in the suggested configuration.. Firstly, power input source, the high voltage module, a power factor capacitor / bank combined with the input side of the isolation transformer. Lastly would be the output side of the isolation transformer and it's Load. None of the electrons active at the power source ( battery ) are passed through the System to downstream usage. At any point should the magnetic flux rate vary, the amount of electrons active also varies. Therefore controlling die flux rate controls the electron (potential) activity. Electrons active at point "A" are not the same electrons active at point "В", "C" and so on. Should the magnetic flux rate ( frequency-CPS ) vary, a different amount of electrons will be disturbed. This does not violate any Natural Law and does produce more energy out than in, should that be desirable.

A optional convenient high voltage module would be a 12 volt DC neon tube transformer. The power factor, correction capacitors should be as many microfarads as possible, this allows a lower operating frequency. The 12 volt neon tube transformer oscillates at about 30, 000 cycles per second..

At the power correction factor capacitor / bank we lower the frequency to match the input side of the isolation transformer.

Other input optional high voltage sources would be automobile ignition coils, television flyback transformers, laser printer modules and possibly others. Always lower the frequency at the power correction factor capacitor and correct if needed at the input side of die isolation transformer. The isolation transformer comes alive when pulsed. Amperage becomes a part of the consideration only at the isolation transformer. Faulty design, resulting in histerisis creates heat which self distracts the transformer if overloaded. Transformers having the new composite core in place of the pandered many layered thin sheets of soft iron, run cool and tolerate much higher amperage.


Resonate Electrical Power System

Power Source: В -1 Gelcell, 12 Volt, 7 Amp Hour

D -1 Kick back protection for L -1 L -1 Bertonee, NPS -12D8, constant bum Neon Tube transformer, Bertonee, Boston, MS Power Conditioner: C -l, Capacitor or Capacitor Bank, 8,000 microfarads

for 480 volts DC. R-1, Resister used to set electron pump rate, frequency of the capacitor. Maintains the desired voltage level required to operate the system. Voltage Control: V-l, Varistor, limits the voltage as required for

the Output Transformer L -2. ( 480 V @ 60 Amps) Output Transformer: Isolation Type, (L-2 / L-3 ) with R-2 (resistor)

correcting the output frequency to 60 CPS,

being 60 UP and60 DN ( 120total). (28.8 KVA)

Useful Timing Formulas:
T = frequencyin cycles per second
C.= capacitancein microfarads
L = Inductancein milliheneries
R = resistancein ohms
Therefore: T = RC andT - ------


The information here given reflects the small Suitcase Model demonstrated at the Tesla Convention (1996 ), presented on VCR as Don Smith's Workshop. This unit was a very primitive version. Newer versions have atomic batteries and Power Output ranges into the Giga Watts. The battery requirement is low level and is no more harmful than the radium on the dial of a clock. Commercial Units ( Boulder Dam Size) are currently being installed at Several Major Locations throughout the World. For reasons of Personal Security and Contract Obligations the information herein given is incomplete.

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Patent Pendir

Resonate Electrical Power System

1. Gelcel, 6 or 12 Volt.

2. Diode, Poss. use a Varactor.

3. High Voltage Module, Constituting the L-1 and L-2 Coils.

4. Capacitor, TDK 10.9 Pf., 30 KV.

5. Spark Gap, Small Engine Spark Plug, Gap = .0025 in.

6. Induction Transfer Coil L-3., 6A = L-5

7. Induction Receiving Coil L-4.

8. Voltage Control Shunt.

9. Frequency Adjustor, prevents derating by Diode Bridge

:gy generating system

Resonate Electrical Power System

10. Diode Bridge, 200 Nanosecond, R.F., > 100 KV.

11. Voltage Divider Circuit, corrects voltage for next stage, 'oils. 12. Capacitor, electrolytic, smooths out DC + ripple effect.

13. Earth Ground.

14. Voltage Divider Curcit, corrects voltage for Transformer

15. Inverter Circuit, DC + in and 60 CPS to Transformer

16. Output from Transformer to Load (Work).


20 Dec., 1994

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